What Real People Say About Empathy Care

We work hard to make sure our clients are treated with dignity, respect, and the compassion they deserve. We like to think we get it right as often as humanly possible, and happily, clients seem to agree in their testimonial letters.

Below, you’ll find snippets of some of the many actual letters clients and medical professionals have taken the time to send us. We’re including them because we thought you’d like to know what real people have to say when they’ve genuinely experienced the art of caring and the science of healing.

Written Testimonials

I am very happy to share my experience regarding Empathy Care and Carol Wolfe. They have provided care for my mother and are continuing to do so. The care that they provide has contributed greatly to the consistent and quality care for my mother. My mother has greatly improved day-by-day.

They have deep respect for the individuals they work with and it is evident in their attentiveness to what helps my mother’s self esteem in getting better and stronger. They always find meaningful ways to make sure my mother’s best care and self image is attended to. They have helped her with things such as getting her hair done and manicures. Detail and attention are not often part of such circumstances and they have made these things happen eagerly and happily.

It was important for me that they kept me informed of any and all changes and challenges in my mother’s situation. They provided me another set of eyes and a partner in advocating for the best possible care. My mother can be private and proud and they found ways to carefully build their relationship very respectfully.

Although Empathy Care has been a new part of my mother’s life, they have managed to begin a wonderful friendship and new bond with my mother. They promote a sense of independence for my mother to experience again. It’s wonderful mixture of problem solving and generosity. In addition to their personal attention to my mother, they are able to serve as a great resource for services, experiences and ideas.

Empathy Care went far beyond their expectations to provide care. I recommend them without any reservation and feel fortunate to have found them.

— Sincerely,
Vicki Vitale

Our family has been blessed for almost three years to have an angel from heaven by the name of Enid McIntyre in our presence. Enid was not only the “the caretaker” of my mother, Clara Weiss, she was her constant support system.

Enid took care of her hygienic needs in addition to her physical appearance. She made sure she was well groomed and outfits very coordinated. Enid took exceptional time to make sure that each hair was in place. Since I live in NJ I spoke with Enid very frequently and she made it possible for me to speak with Mom. I believe that Mom and Enid had a “mother/daughter” relationship. When my wife and I visited, we could see that she was comfortable with Enid caring for her every need.

Anyone who is fortunate to have Enid as an aide will truly be pleased with her care, devotion, and sincerity. She is definitely a very special person with a unique persona that mankind should emulate.

Please feel free to use this letter as reference material and thank you very much for providing her for our family needs.

— Sincerely,
Jay Weiss

Thank you for your professional treatment of my patients over the last 15 years. Your office and its caregivers are always there whenever one of my patients has the need for home health care.

I appreciate your promptness in dealing with and alerting me of any new problems that arise while my patients are in your care. Your professionalism is exemplary.

— Dr. Mark S. Block,
Podiatrist & Foot Surgeon

I want to thank you for the good professional care you provided for my father during the last year of his life. I can't tell you how much a relief it was for me to know that you were just down the hall and had daily contact with him. I know that there were times when you identified problems when they were still minor and saw that they were dealt with, despite his attempts to minimize them. When the problems were more serious, such as when he couldn't swallow or when he had the stroke, you got him the care he needed.

In addition, you consistently showed kindness to him and affection for him that I know he appreciated very much. I also appreciate how many of you came to visit him and were willing to help the hospice nurses during his final illness. I was aware of and grateful that so many of you came to the memorial service. I hope the people who run your agency appreciate how great you all are at what you do.

— Very Truly Yours,
Scott Efland

I wanted to express my appreciation for the excellent support and help your manager Hope has given me. It is becoming all too rare these days to find a manager that goes to such great lengths to satisfy their clients. I'm certain Hope's efforts will show others that old-fashioned hard work and consideration for clients are values that are rewarded in our society.

— Sincerely,
Stuart M. Alterman

I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how wonderful your nurse was for my husband. He was a warm and caring human being as well as a marvelous nurse, and for several months was a true angel for my husband. My husband's shower nurse was truly outstanding as well. She was very professional as well as being warm and concerned.

Empathy Care really came through for us.

— Sincerely,
Roz H.

I want to tell you how much I appreciate the help I received from your company. I cannot say enough about the following people: Stephanie, my physical therapist; Lydia, my occupational therapist, Julie, my nurse who overrode my "no" and called 911 when I didn't know how sick I was. Thanks to the above individuals, I am doing quite well and getting around much better.

— Love,
Edith Haynes

From owning a business and being very much a “diva” just a few years ago my mother reached the stage in her life where she was no longer able to manage her affairs. When I moved her to the Veranda Club (a senior living retirement community) she was not happy.

However, the Empathy Care team was not daunted and soon became the people that my mother and I came to count on to preserve the thread of life that becomes so difficult as one ages. I am heartened by the time she had with the Empathy Care staff and how much they meant to her and hopefully, she to them.

— Sincerely,
Mark D.

I would like to show my appreciation to the nurse who you sent out. She was very caring and very helpful to me on a professional and personal level. I felt that I could trust and depend on her for all my health reasons. I have had other RNs in the past, and they should all be as professional and courteous as your nurse was with me.

— Sincerely,
Anna P.

I wanted to let you know of my high regard for you and your company. Your head of nursing, who is a very nice lady, has taken care of me on several occasions. I also had the good fortune to have another nurse take care of my leg wounds, and his professionalism was outstanding. 

Thank you for all your help and your staff's wonderful service.

— Sincerely,
Eugene L.

Having been a registered nurse myself, I know the meaning of being a support to families. Being far away I have been able to feel my dad is being well cared for at the Veranda Club by your nurse manager, who is loving, kind, and caring. My Dad has been comfortable speaking to her and with her help he has accepted many changes, like the medical alert system and aide service to assist with personal care.
Please thank her for being such an excellent agency representative and for a job well done.

— Yours Truly,
Phyllis S.

Empathy Care has been a God-send to our community. I have been at the Veranda Club for two years and Empathy Care has gone above and beyond the call of duty. They continually achieve a high rate of resident satisfaction, while allowing the residents to maintain their independence.
I strongly recommend Empathy Care to your community. They will have a positive impact both for residents and for your company.
Christopher R. Kochan
Executive Director
The Veranda Club
A CAPITAL Senior Living Retirement Community
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