Erica S. Healey

Erica S. Healey, BS, NHA

Erica S. Healey has worked in the medical field for some 20 years, first in a variety of capacities at a highly-rated skilled nursing facility, and for the last 11 years as Empathy's administrator.

She earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Health Care Administration with a concentration in geriatrics and long-term care from Lynn University in Boca Raton. She continued to pursue her education and was subsequently licensed as a nursing home administrator.

Prior to moving into health care, the Florida native worked as a flight attendant for Continental Airlines, where she learned the value of empathy — a skill further reinforced after the unexpected passing of her young mother.

“I will be in health care for the rest of my life, because I have a passion for long-term care and for what I do. I know I can make a difference every single day,” she said.

Erica resides with her husband and daughter in Palm Beach County.
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