About Us

Independence Driven by Caring and the Science of Healing

About Us

Empathy Care, Inc. is an independently owned and operated business established in 1992. It distinguishes itself by holding all staff to the highest standards to maximize the in-home recovery process for clients in need of compassionate and dignified recuperation from illness or injury.

The Empathy Care philosophy is simple: All clients should be treated in accordance with the best medical care available, respect, sensitivity, and an enduring commitment to achieving the greatest possible recovery results for each client.

The company’s independent structure allows it a significant advantage over chain-owned or large corporate businesses that too often are mired in red tape and the need for higher-level approval on even the simplest of matters.

By contrast, Empathy Care’s independence gives it freedom to pivot quickly to client needs and see that all client programs are personally crafted to achieve maximum benefits in the shortest amount of time.

The art of caring. The science of healing. For Empathy Care, that is the bottom line, and it's one the company proudly takes as its motto.
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